"Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigues of supporting it."

Thomas Paine

01 April 2010

"You wanna piece o' me?"

This is in response to the "comments" on the ABCNews/Nightline web story of the Idaho Light Foot Militia.


To start, if you want to bust on me for having "zero military experience" or for my rank as "Major", fine. But know this, all of our sergeants and officers are voted in by the men under them in rank. I was voted into this position by the men under me. Most of them have military experience. Some were police officers. Some were firemen/EMT's. One had 30 yrs in as a green beret. They honor me with the position they've given me. I am humbled by the trust they have placed in me.

I had job when I started organizing this a year ago. I was the shop supervisor for a steel fabrication company with 20 employees and made 40K a year. I'm laid off right now because we are waiting on a new contract to come through. But I guess "unemployed welder" sounded better to ABC.

I've been involved in the "patriot movement" for 15 years. Long before Obama showed up on the scene. I don't care what color the socialist is who ruins my country. I felt the same when Bush and Clinton were president as I do now.

You say we should try to help in other ways. Most of us do. Some are volunteer firefighters, EMT's, etc. But, we do this too. Why? Because even though we hope nothing will ever happen, we're even more afraid of being in a bad situation and not being prepared. You say we should just join the National Guard? Most of our guys are ex-military. They've already served this country, and want to again... in the militia.

And I love this one comment... "Maybe they should go and really fight for their country in Afghanistan." I don't know about you, "orchiddsf" (user name), but Afghanistan isn't my country.

And, "Astro Boy13", I don't consider the attempts by progressives (or whatever it is socialists call themselves today) to turn our Constitutional Republic into a Social Democracy a "light and transient cause". Don't try to quote the Declaration of Independence to me... I WILL school you!

I wish our state legislature would follow our Idaho Constitution which MANDATES that they "organize, equip and discipline" the militia, and that the Governor "shall appoint the officers". Please! Put me out of a job! I'd gladly drop back into the ranks and serve my fellow Idahoans as a private in a squad. If the state would just DO THEIR JOBS we wouldn't have to do it for them.


  1. Hi Jeff, just ignore the bad comments on the ABC article. I thought you gave an excellent interview and you were very level headed, logical and concise. You are doing a great job under tough circumstances. I think you will find that you represent the silent majority. Keep up the good work. We need men like you who are prepared to stand up and be counted. I am a former army reservist and a CPA accountant. I also know (like most other people) when the Government is bankrupt and is living on borrowed time (money!). Jamieson from Australia.

  2. Hi Jeff, As one of the men that voted you into your present position, I would like to say that You honor Us, with your dedication and tireless efforts to help build the Lightfoot Militia into the group of dedicated men and women patriots that we are, who stand ready to defend our constitution from "All enemies , forign and domestic". We are proud to serve under your command! There will always be idiot's and nay sayers, to try and undermine our efforts.Those same Idiots and nay sayers will be the first to come running for protection, when the SHTF. We proudly stand ready to serve and defend! Ed LeStage 1st Lt.,Eastern Washington 63rd Btn. of Lightfoot...